Do you want longer, more healthier looking hair? Duh, who doesn’t right? We have all the tips you need to get your locks growing and looking its best.

Tip #1: We recommend making it a point to regularly get your hair cut! Now I know what you are thinking, you do not want to part with any of your length. However, it is so important to clean up your ends and get rid of any split ends. Split ends can cause breakage and will do more harm than good. We guarantee your hair will definitely look healthier and fuller with a fresh cut.

Tip #2: During your next visit with us, ask your stylist about one of our back bar treatments! We offer L’Oreal Serie Expert Powermix and Oribe Renewal Remedy. These treatments are completely customizable to your hair and they are available anytime, no appointment necessary. Whether you are getting a color service done or just a blowout, our back bar treatments LOCK everything in! The treatment seals everything within your hair from moisture, shine, heat/UV and color protection, frizz control, and even cuts back your styling time. Let me also remind you that our back bar treatments come with a relaxing scalp massage. What is there not to love?!

Tip #3: Use a silk pillowcase. Silk pillowcases are less harsh on your precious locks than normal cotton. Silk is known to help hair retain its moisture from products & its natural oils. It also reduces friction that could cause tangles and breakage. Click on the link to purchase –

Tip #4: Use professional haircare products only! We cannot stress the importance of using professional hair products enough. It is scientifically proven that drug-store hair products contain ingredients that are harmful to your hair’s overall health and will strip the color right out that you just paid good money for. Here at Artistre, we offer amazing products lines that you will fall in love from Oribe, L’Oreal Professional, UNITE, Reuzal, Ouidad and Olaplex.

Tip #5: Good hair starts with good from within. In order for your hair to grow long and healthy, it is recommended that you take your vitamins and daily supplements! Research suggests that Biotin assists in hair regrowth and is also great for your skin and nails as well. Also, be sure to take Collagen along with your Biotin everyday. Collagen can drastically improve your skin & hair’s health, strengthen your nails, and slow down the effects of aging. Our stylist, Marlena, recommends using Collagen with Dermaval from the company, 1st Phorm. I have been using it myself for the past few months and I can already tell a difference with my hair. My tip – get the French Vanilla flavor and use it in replace of your creamer in your morning coffee! Click on the link to purchase –

Tip #6: Please get rid of all your elastic hair ties! These bands place so much tension on your hair causing your stands to break and become extremely fragile. Hair accessories are in right now so if I were you I would take full advantage. In replace of elastic hair ties, we love SRUNCHIES and Banana Claw Clips. These hair accessories are a great way to pull your hair away from your face or pull it up off of your neck while looking fashionable and protecting from damage. They come in so many colors, fun patterns, and of course Amazon gives you a ton of different choices to find ones that match your style.

Tip #7: Use a Microfiber Hair Towel. What is normally the first thing you do when you get out of the shower? I bet you grab your bath towel and wrap your hair up. Believe it or not, your hair is at its weakest when it is wet and traditional bath towels can break your hair from their weight. I recommend trying out AQUIS – Original Ultra Absorbent & Fast Drying Microfiber Hair towel. These towels are so much more gentle and actually cut back drying time because of how fast they absorb the water in your hair. Overall, your hair will be softer, smoother, shiner, and stronger. Click on the link to purchase[]st[p]cj7vzqw3100giwsy68zf81nka[i]ko6LUe[u]1[t]w[r][d]D[z]m&tag=thestrategistsite-20

We hope these tips help you achieve longer and healthier hair! It is your daily habits after all that will make all the difference. If you have any questions, please always feel free to ask your stylist what they recommend best for you!

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