We teamed up with our OG colorist & stylist, Lyn Gonzalez to discuss fashion shades! If you are considering doing a fashion shade on your hair, Lyn is your go to person. She has always been very passionate about the fashion colors and loves when she gets the opportunity to do something fun on someone’s hair. So you are probably wondering how exactly do we get hair these bright and vibrant colors? Pulp Riot Haircolor is the answer! Pulp Riot is a professional use color system with over 80 shades in 10 different color families. Lyn is currently loving the teal and turquoise colors to channel your inner mermaid this summer. She also loves the pale shades of pink which is awesome for all of you blondes out there looking to do something fun or out of your comfort zone. Not to mention, pink hair color is trending for Fall 2021!

If you are interested in coloring your hair with a fashion shade, please schedule a complimentary consultation with Lyn. Any fashion shade color is 100% upon consultation. Pulp Riot is also NOT permanent color so it will wash out of your hair. However our colorists will help you This 15 minute appointment allows our colorist to look at your hair, go over the look you are trying to achieve, and the process it will take to get you to your hair goal. We also like to note that not everyone is the ideal client to do a fashion shade. Our colorists will never apply color when they feel it will jeopardize or compromise the health of your hair so it is important to consult first before doing anything!

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