Pro guarantee your color, balayage & lightening with the all new Metal Detox by L’Oréal

Patented technology with Glicoamine to neutralize metal inside the fiber & detoxify hair.

87% less breakage risk & 100% reliable color results

Metal inside the fiber

Metal inside the fiber can cause breakage, & unreliable color result during coloring processes, balayage & lightening. Adding Metal Detox to your color service will result in richer, shinier color, and more even lifting during any lightening session.


Wondering what Glicoamine is? (don’t worry, so were we!) This molecule is small enough to penetrate and neutralize metal inside the fiber & detoxify hair.

3-Step protocol in salon

#1 Metal Neutralizer – Professional Pre Treatment Neutralizes metal before color, balayage or lightening.

#2 Anti-metal Cleansing Cream – Detoxifies the hair after the service.

#3 Anti-deposit Protector – Prevents new particles from coming back.

2-Step protocol at home

#1 Anti-metal Cleansing Cream

#2 Anti-deposit Protector Mask

Add this treatment to your next color service for an additional $35!

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