Does the end of summer have your blonde looking dry & “brassy?”
Are you feeling frustrated after spending good $$ on it in the salon?
You are not alone!

Your blonde may be looking brassy due to…
– minerals in your water
– too much sun
– too much heat
– chlorine/salt water
– not using professional products

Blonde hair is EXTREMELY porous which means it literally soaks up everything from minerals in your water to even the pollution in the air. So how do you properly care for your blonde locks?!
– Keeping up with in-salon toner & haircut appointments
– In-salon treatments to lock & seal color – @oribepro Renewal Remedies
– Using only professional products (no sulfates, purple shampoo) @oribepro Bright Blonde
– Avoid constant exposure to the sun
– Protect your hair with SPF & heat protection products – @oribepro Invisible Defense
– Incorporate cold washes
– Evaluate your water quality, consider a Malibu Treatment @malibucpro

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