Have you always wondered if professional products are really worth the investment? The answer is YES! Our two stylists, Rose & Marlena are breaking down the reasons why professional products are better for your hair than traditional drugstore products.

Negative effects of drugstore products:

  • “filler” ingredients
  • excess alcohol
  • silicones/waxes
  • low quality ingredients leave a build-up or coat on hair
  • negatively effect your in-salon color

Benefits of professional products:

  • high concentration of clean ingredients
  • uniquely formulated to perform for your hair’s needs
  • tailored regimen to achieve a style
  • signature blend of strengthening, color & heat protecting ingredients
  • plant-based ingredients absorb into hair
  • supporting your salon + stylist contributes to their continued education

Ask your stylist what products they recommend for your hair at your next appointment!

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